Bosch DCN Discussion System

The Bosch DCN Wireless Discussion System offers exceptional functionality and freedom for conferences and seminars in both small and large venues.

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Bosch DCN Discussion System Features:

Quick set-up – No impact on location
The wireless system allows owners to service customers better, easily and more effectively. With minimal time required for set-up or break-down, multiple events can take place in sequence, meaning better and more effective use of the system.
No cables have to be laid or holes drilled
Designed to be beautiful and unobtrusive
Easy to organize conferences anywhere
Absolutely safe
The system makes use of secure wireless communication with 128-bits AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) Rijndael encryption. The system is also protected against interference from mobile phones and other equipment that makes use of Bluetooth or microwave signals.
Secure wireless communication with 128-bits AES Rijndael encryption

PIN-code recognition for delegate identification
Using dedicated software, individual authorizations can be programmed for each delegate and initiated with a designated PIN-code.
Voice mode for fast discussions
The system includes also a voice mode which does not require the delegates to use the microphone on/off button and allow faster discussions.
Flexible system expandabilty
A highly mobile and flexible solution, the DCN Wireless can be comb

Digital wireless discussion system
Leading edge, future-proof solution
Quick setup with zero impact on location
Easy to organize conferences anywhere
Encryption for confidential communication
10 interpretation channels plus floor channel
PIN-code recognition for delegate identification
Voice mode for fast discussions
Award-winning design
Easy system expansion with DCN Wireless and DCN Next Generation Wired units
Immune to mobile phone interferenceined with DCN Next Generation Wired units. This is an easy and efficient way to add extra capacity to practically any conference facility.

Single access point
The award-winning Wireless Access Point (WAP) provides a consistently strong connection for a range of approximately 30 m (100 ft). The WAP can be positioned centrally for optimal coverage or easily moved to the most convenient location in the room.
Easy battery-management
The system features high capacity and easily removable chargeable battery packs, as well as a dynamic overview of battery consumption. To conserve power consumption during longer breaks, each unit is capable of a patent-pending “sleep mode”.
Easily removable chargeable battery packs
Patent-pending “sleep mode” to conserve power consumption
In a multilingual meeting, participants can follow the discussion in their native language via the channel selector on the wireless discussion units.
10 language capacity for interpretation

Control Software for extended capabilities
With additional application software your meeting efficiency is accelerated to new heights. Options include system configuration, synoptic microphone control, advanced voting management, delegate database, attendance and access control and more.
Operator can monitor the battery and signal status of every wireless unit
Optimized for touch screens and features a multi-lingual graphical user interface (GUI)
Automatic camera control
No operator is required. The system can automatically show an image of the current speaker on monitors or projection screens. This makes the system also highly suitable for Video Conferencing.
Automatically show an image of the current speaker


Configuration pricing includes first 3 Microphones

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