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iBooth Features:

The iBooth is a revolutionary, lightweight, interpretation booth designed for the SI rental industry. With it’s unique design and easy to use Snap & Slide® system the iBooth effectively saves thousands of dollars in transportation costs compared to any other model on the market.

The iBooth by Tages-Audio features the following:

  1. No tools required with our patented easy to setup Snap & Slide® system
  2. Lightest full-sized interpretation booth, 298 lbs (134.5 kg) total weight
  3. Compact revolutionary design provides for easy to manage and transport in two (2) ATA-125 shipping cases
  4. Case dimensions are only 38” x 28” x 28” (95cm x  70cm x 45cm)
  5. (5) Acrylic® panels allow for a full 180º view
  6.  (2) Silent exhaust fans operating at 55CFM for maximum air circulation
  7. Lightweight design makes booth able to be shipped via any common courier service like FedEx, UPS and DHL at standard services rates
  8. Modular  design including interior partition panels available for custom configurations
  9. Booth exceeds ISO 4043 standard with special sound-baffling material


ISO 4043 - Mobile booth for simultaneous interpretation
The aim of this International Standard, prepared at the request of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) and the Joint Service Interpretation-Conferences (JSIC) of the European Commission (EU), is to provide optimal conditions for simultaneous interpretation using mobile booths.


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