VPT100® Interpretation System

The VPT100® system was specifically designed for community level organizations to provide all the basic features of the larger more expensive systems, at a fraction of the cost.

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VPT100® Features:

The VPT100® system comes complete with a compact monitoring unit so one (or two) interpreters may do the most important part of their job, listen directly and accurately to the presenter in their own headsets. This provides better concentration and ultimately increases the quality of interpretation. The transmitter gives you up to 250,000 square feet (22k square meters) of coverage. Ideal for schools, churches, community groups, focus groups, etc.

The Standard VPT100® System includes;

  • Powerful FM Transmitter
  • Monitoring unit
  • Headset microphone
  • 10 receivers with headsets
  • Universal Connect Kit
  • Military-Grade Case with Retracting Handle and Wheels
  • Energizer® Batteries

$2,291.10 (Regular Price $2,999.00)


The Basic VPT100® System includes:

  • Powerful FM Transmitter
  • Monitoring unit
  • 5 receivers with headsets

$1,334.90 (Regular Price $1,570.50)

Additional receivers are only $97.75 eachwith Deluxe Executive Headset. Add up to 2,000 receivers.

Additonal languages are $906.85. Add up to 8 languages.

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