CCS1000 D Discussion System

Easy-to-use complete microphone discussion system with IP camera and video conferencing capabilities

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CCS1000 D Features:

Known for world-class conference system solutions, Bosch introduces the compact yet highly versatile CCS 1000 D Discussion System. Designed and developed by Bosch experts in Europe, the system makes it extremely easy to manage meetings and is ideal for small to large sized meeting areas such as town halls, local business centers and courtrooms. The CCS 1000 D Discussion System is easy to set up, easy to use, and is designed to ensure highly productive meetings.

The system delivers excellent speech intelligibility thanks to advanced digital audio processing and superior microphone and loudspeaker performance. The loudspeaker and the microphone are activated simultaneously to create a more natural face-to-face meeting feel, encouraging participants to more easily take part in the meeting. The system also utilizes built-in Digital Acoustic Feedback Suppression (DAFS) so you can reach higher volumes without causing any ‘howling’ effect. The result? Every word spoken is understood by all participants, and productivity is optimized in every meeting.

The CCS 1000 D Discussion System is ideal for small to large meeting areas such as town halls, local business centers and courtrooms. Its highly versatile feature set means that chairpersons enjoy effortless meeting control, and participants enjoy free-flowing, highly productive meetings.

The system’s extreme ease-of-use makes it ideal for first-time users. No operator, no additional equipment, and no training are required.

Discussion Units

  • Enables participants to speak and listen to the proceedings
  • Can be used either as participant or chairperson device
  • Enables chairperson to mute microphones of participants
  • “Possible-To-Speak” indicator
  • “Request-To-Speak” indicator
  • Cable lock facility
  • GSM immune
  • Built-in loudspeaker
  • Microphone: with mic-LED indicators, flexible stem (either 38 or 48 cm length)
  • Headphone socket with built-in volume control

Overall System:

Excellent speech intelligibility with built-in Digital Acoustic Feedback Suppression
Built-in audio recording on internal memory and/or USB memory stick
Advanced configuration and control via built-in web browser
“Energy saving mode” for automatic switch-off after two hours of inactivity
Up to 245 Discussion Devices
Each Control Unit supports up to 80 Discussion Devices
Up to 4 Control Units

Control Unit:Plug-and-play functionality for quick and easy connection of up to 80 Discussion Devices
Intuitive web browser interface control for advanced configuration and control
Built‑in MP3 recorder with internal memory and USB recording (CCSD-CURD only)
Built‑in Digital Acoustic Feedback Suppression (DAFS) for ensuring superior speech intelligibility (CCSD-CURD only)

Discussion Devices:

Easily configured as a participant device or chairperson’s device with interchangeable buttons
Unique patent pending possible-to-speak indicator
Plug and play functionality for ensuring fast installation and reconfiguration times
Compact, attractive ergonomic design
Immunity to mobile phone interference
Available with short or long microphones

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