PPA VP 37 Interpretation System

Medium-area listening system with 4 receivers

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PPA VP 37 Features:

This is the core to our VPT100® system. The New Generation T27 transmitter offers excellent transmission range of up to 500 feet (radius). This allows you to tailor your own system without any unneeded accessories in the VPT100® system.

Also, the VP 37 System is an economical way to help all public facilities meet their ADA Federal requirements to provide hearing assistance to their guests. (Average of 4 percent of rated seating capaCity).

System may be upgraded to manage up to eight channels. System can be upgraded to cover up to 2,000 receivers whether indoors or outdoors.

Prices start at $907.40
Regular Price $1,120.00
May be upgraded to 2,000 receivers and headsets
Up to eight languages

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