VPT-Plus® Interpretation System

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VPT-Plus® Features:

The VPT-Plus® system is a combination of the VPT100® system and TurnKey Case with up to two (2) wireless microphones to create an ll-in-one easy to use and deployable solution.

The VPT-Plus® system comes complete with all components of a VPT100® plus up to two (2) UHF wireless microphones. Your choice of a hand-held wireless or a lapel wireless microphone. This can provide your presenter complete hands-free ability to share her message as well as a second optional microphone for additional presenters or for Q&A sessions during your meetings. This assures your interpreters can hear every word clearly and accurately and are able to do the best job interpreting.

The VPT-Plus® allows you the ability to have the same consistent performance and quality for every meeting.

Prices start at $2,671.15
Price is based on your actual configuration. Use "Purchase" link above to receive free no obligation quote based on your exact needs.

Additional receivers are only $82.50
Additional Wireless Microphones are available for only $471.21 each
Additional languages are available for only $811.21 each
May be upgraded to 2,000 receivers and headsets and up to eight languages

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